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The focus is on assisting you in developing digital platforms your partners and content teams will love.

Who should subscribe: Aspiring and current sports industry professionals, from students to C-suite executives.

What to anticipate: This newsletter dives deeper into sponsored content strategy compared to the content case studies I share on LinkedIn. It offers comprehensive insights from the conception to activation and reporting of sponsored content strategies.

What you'll gain: Each week, I will draw upon my experience in leading digital partnerships for NBA, NHL, and MLB teams to provide you with actionable insights, accessible resources, and real-world case studies of sponsored content. This will keep you updated on new best practices and emerging trends on various platforms, showcasing best-in-class examples to help you understand why and how they can work for your team.

Three reasons to subscribe:

More time: Few teams have a dedicated focus on digital partnerships. I will be your guide in this space, saving you time searching for top-tier sponsored content inspiration and teaching you efficient processes for creating and activating sponsored content.

💰 More money: The newsletter will help you maximize the value of each digital channel (social media, email, website, app, SMS) by sharing best-in-class examples for your partners and explaining why, when, and how these tactics are effective.

❤️ More engagement: Poor sponsored content benefits no one. It leads to decreased performance and annoys your fans, resembling spam. Sponcon Sports is committed to showing you how partnerships and content teams can collaborate to create sponsored content that performs well and aligns with your business goals.

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